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We are a yoga group of followers who are dedicated to teaching the world what we know about yoga. We post instructional videos that you can use in your practice, tips and tricks to make your Yoga experience more enjoyable and easy, as well as inspirational quotes.

We want to create a fun and informative environment that you can trust to learn about the basics of yoga, and then use that to improve your practice so you can be a better Yoga enthusiast. We want to help others achieve the full potential that Yoga has to offer by improving their physical and mental health, their flexibility and strength.

What separates us from other similar sites is our high quality videos and content, as well as our dedication towards providing educational resources so you can master your own practice.

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You can trust us because we are a group of enthusiasts who have dedicated our lives to yoga. We are a team consisting of Yoga experts, instructors, enthusiasts and bloggers.

We write all of the content ourselves, and work very hard to get the best information available so you can quickly understand how to practice yoga successfully.

We aim to become the number one resource on the internet for all things yoga related.