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NOTE: The Yoga Group ceased operations as of June 30, 2017. Please see our Home Page for more information. Below is a description of the class that we used to offer to cancer survivors.

Our classes teach Yoga in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar. His method of Hatha Yoga is characterized by precision of body alignment, the use of props (blocks, straps, blankets, mats, and chairs) to help students accomplish various Yoga poses, and an understanding of the therapeutic potential of Yoga. The primary focus of Iyengar Yoga for beginners is on the Yoga poses (asanas). The student can then progress to learning specific breathing exercises (pranayama), and other aspects of Yoga.

Although Iyengar Yoga is often quite vigorous, for students living with cancer we primarily focus on restorative poses that work well even for people in a weakened state. Restorative poses use props for support in different positions, so that gravity facilitates realignment and stimulation of the body. Classes include stretching, moving, guided meditating and breathing, and resting over props to help alleviate symptoms of the disease and the effects of treatment drugs. The teachers are able to accommodate individual restrictions and limitations

The practice of Yoga can provide many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. On a physical level, Yoga poses (asanas) can increase flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Many physical ailments or conditions can be relieved through Yoga practice. Yoga can also help stabilize the emotions. Some poses are calming and others invigorating. Yoga asanas, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises can help focus the attention and reduce mental "chatter." By becoming more aware of one's own body, mind, and spirit, the Yoga practitioner can also experience profound spiritual growth.

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