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Invocation to Patanjali, chanted by B.K.S. Iyengar

Audio chant by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar
We are grateful to have received permission from Mr. Iyengar and Manouso Manos to post this chant on this site. The chant was originally published on Manouso's videotape, "Forward Bends," copyright © 1992, Manouso Manos, one of three yoga videos by Manouso. Patanjali lived roughly 2,500 years ago and is revered for his Yoga Sutras, 196 concise aphorisms that set forth the principles of yoga. The chanted Invocation to Patanjali is from the Bhojavritti.

"Invocation to Patanjali" in sanskrit, with "AUM" (54k RealAudio file) or

"Invocation to Patanjali" in sanskrit, with "AUM" (605k WAV file)

"AUM" only (6k RealAudio file) or "AUM" only (68k WAV file)

Sound quality is better with the WAV format, but the files are much larger.
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