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"Living With AIDS
Through Yoga and Meditation"

This videotape includes demonstrations of gentle, supportive Yoga postures for persons living with HIV/AIDS, even if in a state of fatigue, and also includes a segment on meditation and breath awareness. It features Father Joe Pereira, who is a Yoga instructor and Catholic priest from India. He is also a long time student of B.K.S. Iyengar. This tape is offered for sale by Kripa West Charity for $30, including shipping. To order or for more information, write to:
Valery Petrich
Kripa West Charity
c/o The Yoga Studio, #211
5403 Crowchild Trail N.W.,
Calgary, Alta. , T3B 4Z1

Iyengar and Pereira photo
Kripa West Charity also offers an audio tape by Father Pereira, "Silence of the Spirit," for $10, including shipping. This tape is guided relaxation and meditation. Father Pereira has a wonderfully soothing voice, and anyone seeking relaxation and peace will benefit from listening to this tape. Here's an audio sample:
[11k RealAudio file].
[115k wav file].

Bed Top Yoga cassette cover

"Bed Top Yoga"

This audio cassette guides the listener through gentle warm-up stretches, then four modified Yoga poses, and finally relaxation, all while lying flat on your back in bed. While not geared specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS, it offers an experience of Yoga for the injured, the ailing, or the elderly who may be unable to perform a more vigorous practice. The tape is by Carol Dickman, a certified teacher in the Bikram and Kripalu traditions. She has a pleasant voice, and any practitioner can benefit from her advice to listen to one's own body without self-judgment or striving for an external goal. Carol sells the tape for $10, plus $2.50 shipping. For more information, including audio samples, or to order a copy, visit Carol's Bed Top Yoga page.

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